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 People In Other Countries Say Clinton Doing Fine (8-27-98)

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Poll: People In Other Countries Say Clinton Doing Fine

By Keating Holland/CNN

WASHINGTON (Aug. 27) -- A new Gallup Poll shows most people in Great Britain, Canada, France and Germany approve of how Bill Clinton is handling his job as president and do not believe the Monica Lewinsky controversy has hurt his ability to represent America in its dealings with their country or the rest of the world.

Most of the public in each of the countries also thinks the personal life of a national leader is not relevant to how his or her performance in office should be judged, the poll found.

Also in this story:

Clinton generally gets his highest marks in Germany and his lowest marks in Britain, which may be due to the fact that the British public is most likely to say that a leader's personal life is relevant.

Clinton poll

Two-thirds of those surveyed in France say their country would have paid less attention than the U.S. if a French leader had been involved with a woman in the same way that Clinton was involved with Lewinsky.

Fifty-eight percent of Canadians and 48 percent of Germans feel the same way about a hypothetical controversy in their country. But only one in five people in Great Britain say a British scandal of that sort would have received less attention. Most of the British people questioned think that a similar scandal would receive the same amount of attention in the United Kingdom.

The results of the poll are based on interviews with about 500 adults in each of the four nations: Canada, France, Germany, and Great Britain. All interviews were conducted on Aug. 25-26, 1998. There is a sampling error of +/- 4 percentage points for most questions.

Approve of How Clinton Is Handling His Job

Germany         82%
France          73
Canada          68
Great Britain   58

In your view, has the Monica Lewinsky controversy hurt or not hurt Bill Clinton's ability to represent America in its dealings with your country and the rest of the world?

Germany          71%                   
France           71                    
Canada           64                    
Great Britain    56

Clinton Does Good Job Representing U.S. To World

France          85%
Germany         78
Canada          72
Great Britain   67

Personal Life Not Relevant To Judgment of National Leader

France          90%
Germany         76
Canada          68
Great Britain   62

If the leader of your country had been involved with a woman in the same way that Bill Clinton has been involved with Monica Lewinsky in the United States, would the situation be given more attention than it is currently receiving in the U.S., less attention, or about the same amount of attention?

France            69%                
Canada            58                 
Germany           48                 
Great Britain     22                 

Attention Your Country Would Pay To Similar Controversy

Less          69%
Same          22
More           7

Attention Your Country Would Pay To Similar Controversy

Less          22%
Same          54
More          23

Attention Your Country Would Pay To Similar Controversy

Less          48%
Same          22
More          27

Attention Your Country Would Pay To Similar Controversy

Less          58%
Same          36
More           4

International reaction to military strikes

A majority of the public in Canada and France approve of Clinton's decision to attack alleged terrorist-related facilities in Afghanistan and the Sudan last week.

The German public is split on the issue and the British public disapproves of the military strikes.

If the U.S. launches similar strikes in the future, the Canadian and French public are willing to see their own military forces join those attacks while the Germans and British would oppose their own country's involvement in such strikes.

Fear of becoming a victim of a terrorist attack is highest in France, lowest in Canada.

A majority in each of the four countries believes that Clinton ordered that military strike because it was in the best interests of the U.S., not to divert attention away from the Lewinsky controversy.

U.S. Strikes Against Terrorist Facilities

                 Approve   Disapprove

France             52%        29%
Canada             51         35
Germany            45         40
Great Britain      30         60

If the United States launches similar attacks against terrorist facilities in the future would you approve or disapprove of your country's military participating in those attacks?

                 Approve  Disapprove      
Canada             55%        37%         
France             54         32
Great Britain      36         56
Germany            25         67

How worried are you that you or someone in your family will become a victim of a terrorist attack -- very worried, somewhat worried, not too worried, or not at all worried? (figures below show the percent of respondents saying they are very worried plus percent saying they are somewhat worried)

France          72%                     
Germany         41                    
Great Britain   40                    
Canada          22

Clinton Ordered Military Strike To Divert Attention From Lewinsky?

                  Yes      No

Great Britain     38%      56%
Canada            27       64
Germany           25       66
France            21       68
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