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 Clinton Admits To 'Wrong' Relationship With Lewinsky(08-17-98)



Clinton's Confession: More Of Your Reactions

We're still getting a lot of e-mail about President Bill Clinton's extraordinary confession that he cheated on his wife and lied to her about it -- more letters, in fact, than on any recent subject.

Here's a sampling of them, and if you'd like to comment, send us an e-mail and be sure to include your name and home town.

'The Use And Exploitation of Women'

As a women, I am embarrassed by the overwhelming numbers of women who support this man. It is not the party of the person that is important in this; it is the basic moral character.

It is very frustrating to have to listen to so many women in my community and on television and radio support this person. These women attack Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky and all the others, thus only contributing to Bill's arrogant attitude of not taking responsibility for his extramarital affairs and the use and exploitation of women.

And, it's just as pathetic to hear these women talk about how much they admire Hillary. Hillary is a disgrace to the women in this country. She has no business talking about equal rights for women. She is undermining the rights and dignity of women, children and families by attacking others for the wrong her husband has done to her and her family.

If you can't admit your own husband was wrong, then how can you ask other men to be responsible for wrecking their marriages, families and the moral conduct of the workplace?

Don't women see that this is not only hurting women as a whole in society by making the majority of women seem less intelligent then men and less caring about the abuse and exploitation of women?

I ask women to reverse the situation. What if Christine Whitman, governor of New Jersey, had a male intern come into her office and perform the same sexual, oral act that the president had done to him. Would the women of this country think that behavior okay? Should Christine Whitman keep her job as governor or should we just call it "her private life"?

I truly believe that a person who is capable of behaving this way has serious mental problems -- and should not have a leadership position -- a teacher, a manager at a business, a priest -- and most importantly president of the United States. WAKE UP GIRLS!! ...

-- G. A., Basking Ridge, N.J., Aug. 19

'No Integrity'

If he lies and cheats on the ones he "loves," what do you think he has been doing to the nameless and faceless millions that he is supposed to serve?

If a man has no integrity at home, he has even less in public.

-- James Ott, Rochester, Minn., Aug. 19

'Slimy Bastard'

The slimy bastard should resign. If we lived in Japan, he would have fallen on his sword seven months ago to avoid embarrassment to his country and family. Clinton does not have the capacity to feel embarrassed. He is just mad that for the first time in his life he got caught.

-- Tyler McShan, Aug. 19


What a self-serving, narcissistic non-apology! At least half of his so-called apology was a diatribe against the independent counsel, Ken Starr. And I wonder just how many millions of dollars was spent between February and today because he couldn't or wouldn't tell the truth 'till he was backed into the corner with no other way out. As for it being a private matter, it ceased to be that when he took a White House employee to the Oval Office for sodomy sessions.

That's a place of business and this liar is supposed to be working for the American people. It also ceased to be private when he looked into the television screen and with much passion proclaimed he "did not have sex with that woman."

The main question now is what else is he lying about? Technology transfers to China for big donations? Using FBI documents against opponents? Raising funds from foreign governments? I wonder.

-- Barbara Garity, New Windsor, N.Y., Aug. 19

'Affordable Health Insurance'

After more than $40 million has been spent on this entire investigation, as a small business owner, I am still unable to find affordable health insurance. This is what is important to me, NOT this Lewinsky matter. Did he lie? Yes. Is he the first in history to lie about sex? Doubtful!! If the media was not so concerned with ratings then we, the American people, would be able to put this behind us. However, the media-driven society in which we live will not allow that, so I still will not be able to find affordable health insurance because everyone insists on focusing on all of this Lewinsky nonsense instead of dealing with the problems that REAL Americans are trying to deal with. The people in the media and in Washington are living in a fantasy world and you do not have a clue what reality is all about!

-- Corlyn Speake Altier, Shawnee, Ohio, Aug. 19

'Getting Out Of Hand'

I am a Swedish citizen and I have to comment the "sex scandal." I am really astonished how far the American system is letting things getting out of hand.

If Clinton tells his mistress or whatever, that she shall not tell about the affair to anyone, so what? It is the most natural thing to do, even for a president.

You have to draw a line between public and private. Is Starr clean? Are all sure of that he has not had "a joint"?

Forty millions USD for a couple of stains?

I think that U.S.A. as a country has more problems to deal with than investigating the president in this very incompetent way.

-- Robert Pettersson, Karlstad, Sweden, Aug. 19

'Gone Stale'

Throughout Mr. Clinton's presidential career, from the time he started his presidential race to now, he has made excuses, lied and told everyone what they wanted to hear in order to get elected.

It appears his technique of getting what he wants has gone stale. He has managed to hurt his family, his political party and the office of president.

-- Steve Palmer, Boca Raton, Fla., Aug. 19

'Insincere And Condescending'

I was personally angered by the insincere and condescending tone of Clinton's speech. His attempt at an "apology" was ludicrous and then he -- true to form -- switched to blaming everyone else for what he did!

The man is obviously not on the same planet as the rest of us! What angers me most about this whole sordid affair is not his lying to the whole nation -- he's done that too many times now -- but how he has lowered the office of the presidency. If my child lied to me for seven months I'd punish him; if my wife lied to me for seven months I'd divorce her; if my employee lied to me for seven months I'd fire him. Bill Clinton is my "employee." He has engaged in degenerate sexual practices in "my" White House with a young woman barely older then his own daughter. I think it's past due time that his "employers" fired him!

P.S. After this affair is over I predict a new phrase will enter popular slang -- "Bill" instead of "lie." We will hear kids tell one another, "You're Billing to me, man!" Or perhaps George Washington's famous words will be changed to "I cannot tell a Bill!"

-- Paul Scarlata, Asheboro, N.C., Aug. 19

'An Excellent President'

Let an excellent president do his job.

From outside the U.S.A. it looks ridiculous when people on TV shows proclaim their "high moral standards" and it looks ugly when passionate hate against the president comes across. Moderate concern would seem more appropriate, in my view.

And to Hillary: You are a great woman. You have the sympathy of many of us, men and women, out there.

-- Helga W. de Torres, Aug. 19

'Laughingstock Of The World'

How can you continue to support this man? The president of the United States has become the laughingstock of the world.

-- Alan Briggs, Sydney, Australia, Aug. 19

'A Bit More Remorse'

Given the circumstances, I don't think I know a human being on this planet that would have admitted to those accusations in such a national spotlight. I think it was appropriate for President Clinton to express his deepest concern for his family. However, I think he should have also expressed a bit more remorse for misleading the American public for so long.

As far I am concerned, unless perjury can be proven, this is a dead issue. I do not condone the president's actions, and I do not think it is "no big deal;" I just do not see how this incident affects me and my life directly or indirectly. Perhaps the president's credibility has been tarnished slightly. I hope he can still be an effective president.

I cannot imagine the immense pressure one must endure to have to admit to these things on national television. Hopefully he has learned his lesson!

-- Craig Wallace, Tampa, Fla., Aug. 19

'A Liar Like Clinton'

The saga has gone on long enough.

Monday night, Clinton apologized for his inappropriate relationship, but then asserted that "even presidents have private lives."

Please! Mr. Clinton's private life is not the issue here. The issue is his lies. Had Clinton not lied about his relationship with Lewinsky seven months ago, he may have prevented a long, drawn-out investigation and saved millions of taxpayer dollars.

The fact is, when OUR MONEY is involved, it is no longer a private issue. It is a public issue. As representatives of the public, it is the duty of the Congress to IMPEACH BILL CLINTON. We must avenge his lies and deceptions. The United States cannot afford to have a liar like Clinton as president anymore.

-- Matt Latham, Columbus, Ohio, Aug. 19


The whole world now knows that the president of the United States and the chief law enforcement officer has committed perjury in his testimony about Monica Lewinsky. This behavior is inexcusable and is not representative of the office we elected him to. The only reason he admitted to his affair was because he was forced to do so. He pointed his finger and with a very stern look told us in January that he had not had a sexual relationship with that woman.

Now, it is in the open and instead of accepting this, I believe he is still in denial. He wants to shift blame to the Office of Independent Counsel when it is him that is to blame for the entire investigation. If he had conducted himself as he should have, there would not have been anything to investigate.

Also, I did not like the way he referred to OUR God. He made it sound like his family had their own personal GOD. Nobody has mentioned that reference but the way he said OUR God made it sound like his God was different from anyone else's.

If Ken Starr's report shows more and I am sure it will, Bill Clinton need to resign. It is like John Dean said many years ago --- "There is a cancer on the presidency."

-- L. Holmes - Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 19

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