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House Measure Boosts Penalties For Internet Predators

By CQ Staff

Voting 416-0, the House approved legislation on June 11 that would create new penalties and expand others to crack down on pedophiles who use the Internet to contact or distribute pornography to minors. (Vote 230, p. 1640)

The bill (HR3494) would subject adults to up to five years in prison and fines for using the Internet or the mail to contact a minor for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity or transferring obscene material.

"We will send a strong message to sexual predators and pedophiles across the nation," said Jennifer Dunn, R-Wash. "Make no mistake: You will be punished."

The measure would bolster several other penalties for crimes against children, including increasing to a maximum of 15 years the sentence for transporting a child across state lines with the intent of forcing him or her to engage in prostitution or other illegal sexual activity.

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