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Primary Night

 Union Voters Contributed To Davis' Victory (06-03-98)

 Analysis: Outsiders Don't Connect With Voters (06-03-98)

 It's A Davis-Lungren Matchup In California (06-03-98)

 Congressional, Gubernatorial Races Mark Primaries In 7 States (06-03-98)

 Calif. Voters Eliminate Bilingual Education, Reject Union-Dues Measure (06-03-98)

 Jerry Brown Wins Oakland Mayoral Race (06-03-98)

 Video: Gray Davis' Victory Speech (In Streaming Video)

 CQ Primary Results: Alabama; California; Iowa; Mississippi; Montana; New Jersey; New Mexico; and South Dakota

Full Story
 It's A Lungren-Davis Matchup In California (06-02-98)



Streaming Video: RFK Remembered

CNN's Candy Crowley looks back at the life of Robert Kennedy on the thirtieth anniversary of his assassination, total running time 3 minutes 45 seconds.

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In Other News

Thursday, June 4, 1998

Supreme Court Turns Down Starr, Twice
Remembering Bobby Kennedy Thirty Years Later
Democrats Add Their Own Tax Cut Amendment To The Tobacco Bill
House Defeats Religious Freedom Constitutional Amendment
A Bipartisan Appeal To Save For Retirement
House Democrats Unveil Alternative Budget Proposal
Ginsburg Says 'It Was Time For A Change'

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