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Primary Night

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 CQ Primary Results: Alabama; California; Iowa; Mississippi; Montana; New Jersey; New Mexico; and South Dakota



New Mexico Primary Results -- June 2, 1998

By Congressional Quarterly

 Candidate                                         Votes    %
    Hometown         Age Occupation


*Martin J. Chavez (D)                             80,725  48.0%
    Albuquerque      46  Former mayor of Albuquerque
 Gary K. King (D)                                 51,474  30.6%
    Moriarity        43  State representative
 Jerry Apodaca (D)                                16,078   9.6%
    Santa Fe         63  Former governor
 Robert E. Vigil (D)                              10,279   6.1%
    Las Vegas        44  State auditor
 Reese Fullerton (D)                               5,666   3.4%
    Santa Fe         50  Lawyer; dispute mediator
 Benjamin Anthony Chavez (D)                       4,071   2.4%
    Albuquerque      53  Former state Court of Appeals judge
 Frances Salas (D) -- write-in                        29    .0%
    Santa Fe             Author

*Gary E. Johnson (R)                                 Unopposed
    Albuquerque      45  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 1
                   (Central -- Albuquerque)

*Phillip J. Maloof (D)                            31,378  75.1%
    Albuquerque      61  State senator
 Gary A. Van Valin (D)                            10,537  24.9%
    Albuquerque      54  Business development company president

*Heather A. Wilson (R)                            18,096  62.5%
    Albuquerque      37  Former state cabinet secretary
 William F. Davis (R)                              8,830  30.5%
    Albuquerque      50  Lawyer
 Betty Turrietta-Koury (R)                         1,017   3.5%
    Albuquerque      66  Radio broadcaster
 **Alan Wilson (R)                                 1,012   3.5%
    Albuquerque      45  Lawyer

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 2
         (South -- Little Texas; Las Cruces; Roswell)

*E. Shirley Baca (D)                              29,170  64.2%
    Las Cruces       47  Former state representative
 Mary Jane M. Garcia (D)                          16,255  35.8%
    Dona Ana         61  State senator

*Joe Skeen (R)                                       Unopposed
    Picacho          70  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 3
       (North and East Central -- Farmington; Santa Fe)

*Tom Udall (D)                                    31,625  44.1%
    Santa Fe         50  State attorney general
 Eric P. Serna (D)                                25,603  35.7%
    Santa Fe         49  State labor official
 Roman M. Maes III (D)                             4,148   5.8%
    Santa Fe         54  State senator
 Tony Scarborough (D)                              3,540   4.9%
    Espanola         59  Former state supreme court justice
 Carol W. Cloer (D)                                2,599   3.6%
    Bloomfield       58  Feed store owner
 Patricia A. Lundstrom (D)                         2,550   3.6%
    Gallup           39  Nonprofit executive director
 Francesca Lobato (D)                              1,214   1.7%
    Santa Fe         53  Lawyer
 Eric Treisman (D)                                   482    .7%
    Santa Fe         53  Lawyer

*Bill Redmond (R)                                 17,519  98.3%
    Los Alamos       44  Incumbent
 Padraig "Paddy" Malachy Lynch (R)                   305   1.7%
    Aztec            38  Used Book Dealer

* = Nominee
** = Withdrew from election
# = Will meet in runoff.

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