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Clinton Administration To Look Into IRS Criminal Investigations Division

By Eileen O'Connor/CNN

WASHINGTON (April 27) -- The Clinton Administration will announce an inquiry into procedures used by the Internal Revenue Service's Criminal Investigations Division.

Senior Administration officials say this will be a 90-day review, headed by an expert in federal law enforcement. The review is designed to ensure that investigations are conducted according to law-enforcement standards. Officials say this is part of an overall review of the entire agency begun by Commissioner Charles Rossotti.

But the announcement is clearly designed to upstage four days of Senate Finance Committee hearings scheduled to begin on Tuesday on allegations of wrongdoing by the criminal investigations division of the IRS. The complaints focus on what witnesses describe as "heavy handed" tactics.

The administration was embarrassed by similar hearings held last fall on abuses by the IRS of taxpayers fueling calls for legislation designed to curb the agency's powers. A Treasury Department report says some of the allegations made at the hearings had merit, but could not find basis for some of the most inflammatory.

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Clinton Administration To Look Into IRS Criminal Investigations Division

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