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Clinton Praises Health Care Report

Eileen O'Connor/CNN

WASHINGTON (April 22) -- President Bill Clinton praised a Kaiser Family Foundation report that the cost of improving health care would not significantly raise the price of insurance and called on Congress to pass a patients' bill of rights.

In his written statement the president said, "By affirming the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) estimates, the Kaiser report convincingly rebuts the scare tactics that some have used to undermine bipartisan efforts in the Congress to pass a patients' bill of rights this year."

The patient bill of rights would give people the right to see specialists as needed, receive emergency care, talk freely with doctors and nurses about all medical options, and create avenues for the resolution of grievances against health care organizations.

The CBO estimates these protections would increase health insurance premiums less than one percent (about $3 per family per month). Critics of the legislation contend it would drive up the cost of health insurance, making it far less affordable.

Clinton says, "This report again shows the utter groundlessness of claims that a patients' bill of rights will significantly increase health care costs. With this new information, there is no excuse left for inaction."

The White House wants congress to approve legislation providing for a patient bill of rights this year.

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