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Two Women, Two Stories And A Presidential Denial

TRANSCRIPT: The White House Encounter

TIME magazine March 23, 1998

SHE SAID: (TIME, March 23) -- In Kathleen Willey's declaration on Jan. 10, she described an encounter with the President near the Oval Office. Excerpts:

Q: Did Mr. Clinton ever seek to take either of your hands and place it on his body anyplace?
A: Yes.

Q: Please describe that.
A: He put his hands--he put my hands on his genitals.

Q: What was your reaction?
A: It was very unexpected.

Q: Were you surprised?
A: Yes.

Q: Did you resist?
A: Yes.

Q: Did you try to push him away?
A: Yes.

Q: Were you successful?
A: Yes.

Q: Did you attempt to withdraw your hand from his genital area?
A: Yes.

Q: Promptly?
A: Yes.

Q: Were you successful?
A: As best I recall.

Q: Could you tell whether he was aroused?
A: Yes.

Q: And was he?
A: Yes.

Q: After you withdrew your hand from his genital area, what's the next physical thing that happened during that encounter?
A: I left.

HE SAID: In his deposition on Jan. 17, Clinton responded to Willey's account. Excerpts:

Q: All right, and you deny that testimony?
A: I emphatically deny it. It did not happen.

Q: Do you know why she would tell a story like that if it weren't true?
A: No, sir, I don't. I don't know... All I can tell you is, in the first place, when she came to see me she was clearly upset. I did to her what I have done to scores and scores of men and women who have worked for me or been my friends over the years. I embraced her, I put my arms around her, I may have even kissed her on the forehead. There was nothing sexual about it. I was trying to help her calm down and trying to reassure her.

TRANSCRIPT: A Class-Reunion Confrontation

SHE SAID: In a declaration March 6, Dolly Kyle Browning described her meeting with Clinton at a high school reunion. Excerpts:

I call him "Billy." We attended high school together. During the period from the mid-1970s until January 1992, we had a relationship that included sexual relations... Our relationship ended abruptly in January of 1992 when Billy would not return my telephone call. I told his secretary, Linda, that a tabloid had the story about me and Billy. I asked her to have him call me, and he refused. Instead he had my brother, who was working in the Clinton campaign, call me .. He said, "'We' think you should deny the story." He finally said: "If you cooperate with the media, we will destroy you." The next time I spoke with Billy was at our high school reunion in 1994. He approached me sometime around midnight. He greeted me, saying, "How are you?" I responded: "You are such an a__h___, I can't believe you'd even bother to ask!" When I said "a__h___" a Secret Service agent reached to grab me. Billy physically blocked the agent's arm and said, "It's alright" or words to that effect. He said, "We have to talk." ... Our conversation began with my confronting him for not returning my call in early 1992... I reminded him that he had threatened to destroy me, and he said he was sorry... At the end of the conversation he asked me to come to Washington. He said, "You can live on the Hill. I can help you find a job."

HE SAID: When Clinton returned to Washington from the reunion, he wrote down his own account of the meeting. Excerpts:

At my reunion I saw Dolly Kyle for the first time in a long time. She was obviously angry and sulking. After about three hours I was close enough to say hello to her so I did. She said something hateful back, and I asked her what was bothering her ... I explained to Dolly that I hadn't called her back because I knew her husband was trying to peddle some false story about us to a tabloid... After a while she started talking about her novel... She said it involved a woman having a love affair with a Southern Governor and of course "like all good fiction" it was sort of autobiographical... She talked to me about her son, of whom she was very proud, and said he wanted to go into politics and would like to visit the White House. I said that he'd be welcome ... Before we stopped talking she said she really didn't want to hurt me, that maybe it wasn't "my fault" that I never got involved with her and made her fantasy come true but that she needed money.

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