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The Expanding Cast

Alleged paramours and enforcers

TIME magazine March 23, 1998

Were these people asked to lie by...

(TIME, March 23) -- Paula Jones claims she is only one example in a pattern of harassment and names others whose stories have allegedly been suppressed

Monica Lewinsky An unpaid White House intern when she started, she got a paid job a month after she allegedly began an affair with the President. She was also allegedly induced to keep quiet when Clinton friend Vernon Jordan helped her find a job when she left the government

Kathleen Willey The White House volunteer was allegedly given a paid job to keep her quiet about an unwanted sexual overture by Clinton near the Oval Office, an encounter in which she says Clinton hugged her and placed "my hand on his genitals"

Dolly Kyle Browning One of Clinton's high school classmates, Browning, above, with their yearbook, says she had an affair with Clinton from the mid-1970s to 1992. During the 1992 campaign, she says, a staff member threatened to "destroy" her if she went public with the relationship. She mostly kept quiet until recently telling her story to Jones' lawyers

Gennifer Flowers The lounge singer and former television reporter contends that she had a 12-year sexual relationship with Clinton and that when he was Governor, his office helped her get a state job. According to Flowers, Clinton told her to lie about the affair and about how she obtained her job. In his deposition Clinton admitted to a single sexual encounter with Flowers in 1977

Troopers Clinton staffers allegedly tried to coerce three Arkansas state troopers--from top: Roger Perry, Larry Patterson and L.D. Brown--into keeping silent about alleged sexual liaisons that occurred while Clinton was Governor

...Clinton Agents?

The President has always had trusted friends and colleagues to watch over him

Skip Rutherford Little Rock public relations executive and former Arkansas Democratic Party official. Ex-state trooper Brown claims that Rutherford subtly threatened a smear campaign against him if he talked to the press about Clinton's sex life

Betsey Wright Longtime friend, political operative and chief of staff to Clinton when he was Arkansas Governor. She coined the term bimbo eruptions to describe women going public with claims of intimacies with Clinton. Early on, Wright attempted to quiet the rumors

Buddy Young State trooper who was chief of security for then Governor Clinton. In 1993 Clinton appointed him to a $92,000-a-year federal post. Two former Arkansas state troopers say Young warned them not to talk to reporters about Clinton's sex life

Sam Jones A partner in the Little Rock law firm where Clinton and his close aide Bruce Lindsey both practiced. John Thompson, a Florida lawyer who once ran for local prosecutor against Janet Reno, says that in 1992 Jones told him he was assigned to track down women alleged to have had sex with Clinton and to "make them go away," using payoffs if necessary

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