February 28, 1998




Clintons Take A Winter Break

First lady, Chelsea sweep down slopes but president shuns the skis

PARK CITY, Utah (AllPolitics, Feb. 28) -- President Clinton stayed indoors during the first family's ski vacation but first lady Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea took to the slopes Saturday in relative anonymity.

"What a great day!" Mrs. Clinton said as she and Chelsea skied past a television news crew under crisp blue skies.

Chelsea and Hillary skiing
Chelsea and Hillary skiing  

The Clintons borrowed the vacation house from Hollywood executive Jeffrey Katzenberg for a long weekend. The family is also celebrating Chelsea's birthday. The Stanford University freshman turned 18 on Friday.

"Skiing is the sport for celebrities," said fellow skier Randy Sanders, of San Diego, Calif., who did not spot Chelsea or Mrs. Clinton on the slopes. "You can get all covered up and not be spotted. Except for the Secret Service trailing behind, you can pretty well be invisible."

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President Clinton said he planned to use the vacation to read. His last ski outing 14 years ago ended in a knee injury.

A quick trip to Los Angeles

The president will take a break from reading to make a quick trip to Los Angeles Saturday evening to talk with California officials who are coordinating cleanup relief efforts after El Nino-driven storms.

He also will speak at a $500,000 fund-raiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

About 100 donors are being asked to give $5,000. The first $2,000 will go to Boxer's re-election effort. The rest will be so-called "soft money" that will to go to the Democratic Party.

The fund-raiser comes one day after Clinton asked two regulatory agencies to ban the unregulated "soft money," which is used for "party-building" projects.

Congressional opponents blocked a vote on campaign finance legislation that would ban the contributions.

The president will return to Washington on Sunday evening.

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Clintons Take A Winter Break

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