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Clinton Announces Salt Lake City Olympics Grants

SALT LAKE CITY (AllPolitics, Feb. 27) -- President Bill Clinton Friday announced two Federal Transit Administration grants totalling $64.5 million to expand the Utah Transit Authority system in preparation for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

The grant is in two parts with $63.2 million to continue the construction of the Salt Lake Light Rail Line and another $1.3 million to purchase seven new transit buses and equipment.

The total cost of the LRT is expected to be about $312 million. This $63.2 million is the third increment of funding for construction. In August of 1995, a multi-year, full funding grant agreement was signed between the Federal Transit Authority and the UTA committing $241 million. So far, funding has reached $121.48 million.

A full funding agreement represents the government's commitment to support a transit project over the course of several fiscal years, depending on availability.

"Hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics will be a great opportunity for our nation and for Salt Lake City. As we improve the city's transportation system, it will not only help us host the Olympics, but also strengthen the Salt Lake City's economy and quality of life," Clinton said in a written statement.

In the same statement, Transportation Secretary Rodney E. Slater said, "New transit systems and projects also will mean short and long-term jobs in Utah as well as improved mobility, improved safety, less air pollution and reduced traffic congestion."

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