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House GOP Releases Documents On Trie

By Brooks Jackson/CNN


WASHINGTON (Feb. 26) -- Republican investigators are tying President Bill Clinton just a little closer to indicted Democratic fund-raiser Charlie Trie.

New documents released by Chairman Dan Burton of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee include a reminder of the president's long friendship with Trie, whose name is noted in Bill Clinton's personal phone list in the computer files of the 1992 Clinton campaign.

Also released was an interview with former Democratic Senate aide Steve Clemons, who told Burton's investigators he "did everything he could to stop Trie" from being appointed to an advisory commission on trade, but was told by administration officials Trie was an "absolute must appointment" that had come "from the highest levels of the White House." Clinton appointed Trie to the job.

Burton's documents show Trie's business associate Mr. Wu, also known as Ng Lap Seng, carried a total of $333,000 in cash during six U.S. visits, which included stops at the White House.

It was not illegal for Wu, who operates a nudie bar in Macau, to carry so much cash, and he declared it to U.S. customs officials as required by law. But Wu's possession of such large appears to reinforce prosecutors' assertions that Wu financed Trie's political donations.

Trie goes on trial in October on federal charges of fraud and conspiring to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal political donations to Democrats. He has pleaded not guilty.

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