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As White House Keeps Up Criticism, GOP Defends Starr

Clinton/Lewinsky Graphic

Report: Lewinsky told another friend about Clinton

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 8) -- Clinton administration officials kept up a drumbeat of criticism of independent counsel Kenneth Starr Sunday, but some key Republicans accused the White House of unfairly targeting Starr to deflect attention from President Bill Clinton's role in the Monica Lewinsky controversy.

Meanwhile, Newsweek magazine, citing sources "close to the president's defense" is reporting that Lewinsky told another friend, Ashley Raines, about her alleged affair with Clinton.

A source close to the investigation tells CNN that Raines, an Arkansan who now works in the White House Office of Administration, has been questioned in great detail by Starr's staff and has given detailed accounts of what Lewinsky told her of an alleged sexual relationship with the president.

Ashley Raines

Newsweek is reporting that Raines told Starr's investigators that she heard tape-recorded phone messages left on Lewinsky's answering machine by the president.

Raines and her lawyer, Wendy White, could not be reached for comment. Starr refused to confirm or deny the report, citing rules regarding the secrecy of grand jury testimony.

In yet another twist to the case, Raines' mother is the manager of the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas -- where former state employee Paula Jones says Clinton propositioned her in 1991. It was Jones' lawsuit over that incident that helped precipitate the Lewinsky controversy.

Begala: Starr has become 'corrupt'

Paul Begala

Sunday on NBC's "Meet The Press," senior Clinton adviser Paul Begala made one of the strongest attacks yet on Starr and his conduct of the investigation into charges that Clinton had an affair with Lewinsky and then asked her to lie about it under oath.

"Ken Starr has become corrupt, in a sense that Lord Acton meant when he said that absolute power corrupts absolutely," Begala said, accusing the independent counsel of "firing off subpoenas as if he's got an Uzi."

Begala also said that alleged leaks from Starr's office of secret grand jury testimony regarding the Lewinsky matter "might be criminal, a much more serious crime, frankly, than signing a false affidavit by a 24-year-old kid in a civil lawsuit," a reference to Jones' suit. Lewinsky gave a sworn affidavit in that matter, denying any affair with Clinton.

Clinton's personal lawyer, David Kendall, is expected to go into court Monday and ask for sanctions to be imposed against Starr for the leaks, which have also drawn fire from Lewinsky's attorney, Bill Ginsburg.

Starr reiterated Sunday that he would investigate whether anyone in his office has been the source of leaks to the news media.

"We are examining it," he told reporters outside his home. "When serious charges are made, we take