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Starr v. Clinton: More Of Your Mail

We're still getting hundreds of e-mails a day about Ken Starr's investigation and the allegations that Bill Clinton had a relationship with a young White House intern and then urged her to lie about it.

Here's a sample, and if you'd like to comment, drop us e-mail at response@turner.com. Be sure to include your name and home town.

'Partisan, Naive, Or Incredibly Stupid'

It is with great disbelief that I read some of the posting from citizens on the Clinton sex scandal. A vast majority of these people are saying stay out of Clinton's bedroom, stay out of Clinton's private life. Well, these people are either partisan, naive, or incredibly stupid.

Don't they see the pattern of the greatest sexual harasser in the long history of sexual harassment? Clinton uses the prestige and power of the presidency to beg, plead, and coerce sex (from women of any age and appearance). If these women say no, they had better never tell anyone about the encounter, or the administration's smear machine will go to work on them. If these women say yes, they had better never tell anyone about the encounter, or the administration's smear machine will go to work on them. (The smear has now happened to every woman who could threaten Clinton.) Clinton has lifted the art of the sexual harasser to a new height.

And maybe some of the naive souls don't think that the president's endless pursuit of sex is anyone's business. Well, they're wrong on that issue. As the scandal broke, we all marveled at how anyone could be that stupid, that reckless. Get a clue, people! He is that stupid, and that reckless.

We now know that JFK was addicted to sex, and probably had more women than even the boasting Wilt Chamberlain. Historians have said that he was leaving himself open to blackmail and exposure. Clinton takes the same kind of risks. Is this the guy we want calling the shots? If he can't keep his zipper up, if he can't keep a marriage vow to his wife, if he is banging girls the age of his daughter, then his judgment should be seriously doubted.

Finally, we are not talking about anything in Clinton's bedroom. We're talking about tawdry encounters in an office! We're talking about the dynamics of power. A man in Clinton's position should be bending over backwards to avoid the very appearance of impropriety (as did Harry Truman). Abusing a high position to get sex from those on the bottom of the organizational ladder is the worst sort of exploitation. Even a willing partner still represents an abuse of power.

I'm sure the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves. Thanks for letting me vent.

-- John I. Heeder, Provo, Utah, Jan. 30

'Incredibly Unscrupulous Behavior'

I personally do not believe that Kenneth Starr has gone too far. I do, however, believe that Clinton has gone too far, with his incredibly unscrupulous behavior. He is quite appalling, and I for one can not wait until his term is up. I also think Kenneth Starr needs more people employed to help get this whole mess cleared up, and over with.

Thank you,

-- Cindie L Gasch, Lansing, Mich., Jan. 30

'Deterioration Of News Reporting Standards'

The larger tragedy of this on-going affair concerning the president, the special prosecutor and Ms. Lewinsky is not what any of the three are doing or have done. The real tragedy for all of us is the deterioration of news reporting standards. With all litmus tests now off the board, leaving us with unverified reports as news, we the public initially suffer. But long term it will be the long-respected news sources, including CNN, ABC and others, that will suffer. This Enquirer-like method of questioning (Q. Has Monica slept with donkeys? A. We vehemently deny. Headline: Monica denies donkey affair in past) together with the end of checking/verifying statements before presenting them in stories is the saddest occurrence of the past two weeks. We'll get over the rest; this will not go away.

-- Alan Henry, Washington, D.C., Jan. 30

'Doing His Job'

Starr is doing his job. The press seems to forget that this whole thing came about because of a link to Webster Hubbell. Hubbell agreed to cooperate with Starr, but decided to keep his mouth shut. This is a convoluted case, not clear cut at all...

-- B. McCutchan, Annandale, Va., Jan. 30

'Where Are The Ethics'

Where are the ethics of the American people? Of course it is our business the way the president conducts his personal life. It reflects on all of us. He represents the American people to the world. He is supposed to be a leader for our children. It sickens me to think this is the example of our morality and behavior. I definitely believe the allegations are true. As a woman, I am disgruntled, as a wife, I am disgusted, and as an American, I am disgraced.

-- Janice McBride, Jackson, Tenn., Jan. 30

'Amazing How Low The Standards'

I think it is amazing how low the standards of the average American are. Everyone thinks Clinton has a right to do anything he wants as long as the economy is OK. He can break his marriage vows, commit perjury, pressure others to commit perjury, conspire to cover the whole thing up, and smear the woman who placed herself in legal jeopardy by lying to protect him - as long as the stock market is strong. I've traveled to many countries, and spoken to many people. Many of them think Americans are overly concerned with money, and most suspect that Americans will sacrifice anything -- including their dignity to get it.

It's increasingly hard to argue against that notion. It's amazing how low we've sunk since Nixon's time. Some of you may remember him -- he was investigated for pretty much the same crimes as Clinton -- only he had the decency to resign, rather than drag the presidency through the mud.

I completely agree that the nasty leaks surrounding this investigation are wrong, but the investigation itself is essential. Those who believe these crimes are "irrelevant" to his job as president are deluded. "Just as long as the money keeps flowin', right?" As for this "right-wing conspiracy," perhaps if the first lady could throw in "Area 51," "Roswell," and "alien abductions," she could get about 80 percent of the population behind the idea. How absurd!

-- Jim Harris, Raleigh, N.C., Jan. 30

'A Great Relief'

Polls seem to indicate that most Americans think consensual sex is a private matter. From the Canadian perspective this is a great relief. It's nice to know that right-wing fruit cakes are not a majority in the most powerful country in the world, especially when it's right next door. Now, about your health care system...


-- Alan Rutkowski, Jan. 30

'Spoke Too Soon'

I would implore all the media type to listen to what Dylan sang long time ago... Loser now will later win.

It seem you guys spoke too soon.

-- R. Gondal, Chicago, Ill., Jan. 30

'An Invasion Of Privacy'

Much has been said about whether or not the president lied under oath about his alleged relationship with Monica Lewinsky. In my opinion any questions asked about such a relationship would be an invasion of privacy and improper. In the absence of a right to say "None of your business," he or anyone else should have a right to deny it whether it is true or not.

-- Ron Wood, Jan. 30


After all the money and man-hours expended in his investigation, I think Starr has become desperate. If he, and his backers, let the president finish his term with the economy in great shape and voter approval high, not only will they have little chance of electing a Republican president; they may lose control of Congress...

-- T. L. Ketchum, Jan. 30

'Leave His Private Life Alone!'

I personally feel that President Clinton likely committed a sin against his wife and family, NOT against the American people. Americans learned long ago that politicians are not role models and Clinton has performed his duties as president admirably. Leave his private life alone!

-- Paul Fowler, Longwood, Fla., Jan. 30

'Grossly Overstepped His Original Job'

I feel that Kenneth Starr has grossly overstepped his original job structure. He was to investigate the Whitewater "scandal" and now he is attempting to smear the president. Who died and left this man so much "power" that he does what ever he wants? Who is paying him "off"? As far as if the president has had "illicit affairs" with "many women", would someone please tell me that EVERY ONE of the former Republican presidents were lily white? Yes there may have been one or two, but this is nothing new. Countries like France and, I am sure, Latin American countries are wondering what in the heck we are complaining about. Men are not men in these countries unless they not only have a wife but a mistress also. It is the norm and is expected. I am not saying it is the correct thing to do, but it has been done for centuries.

-- P.V. Brown, Jan. 30

'Like A Bad Gas'

Ken Starr's investigation is like a bad gas; it's often invisible, it's sometimes lethal, it lacks definable boundaries and seems inclined to expand into all available space.

-- Robert R. Charpentier Jr., Reno, Nev., Jan. 30

'Misplaced Sexual Curiosity'

Monitoring the bedroom activities of any politician is not the function of any special prosecutor or of any government agency. This political witch hunt is out of misplaced sexual curiosity. This is not a function of a responsible government.

-- Jerome M. Wojey, Jan. 30

'Sold His Soul To Extremists'

Please tell Ken Starr if he wants to talk about personal matters with the president, there is a forum for doing so. It is called the telephone.

In addition, it would give me great pleasure to see President Clinton, during a news conference, say to reporters: "I am here to discuss the concerns of this country. If you want to talk about my personal life, call me at home this evening and you can share your personal life with me and I can share mine with you."

Someone has to take charge of this out-of-control matter. The Supreme Court, in one of its stupidest moves ever, opened up the presidency to voyeurism; the "independent counsel" sold his soul to extremists; and the electronic media, (hiding behind its usual "right to know" attitude) has brought something we never wanted to know smack into our faces.

Worse yet, we no longer trust the most important folks in this whole matter -- the media -- to tell us the truth. When a democracy no longer trusts the watch dogs of freedom, it is in big trouble. That's right now, folks.

-- Carol Brunner Rutledge, Jan. 30

'Far Past Time'

It is far past time for Kenneth Starr to find another road to fame. He has already spent almost four years and has wasted over 30 million tax dollars unsuccessfully trying to dishonor President Clinton. When this fiasco is finally over, I believe Mr. Starr will discover that the man he has ultimately "brought down" is himself.

-- Patti McAlpine, Houston, Texas, Jan. 30

'Rotten Tactics'

I hate it! The whole Whitewater investigation is ridiculous persecution of President and Mrs. Clinton. Since when is a 20-year-old Arkansas land deal of national importance? What a waste of $30+ million ... and counting.

Hillary Clinton is right. The whole investigation is an example of a dirty political smear campaign by right-wing conservatives who STILL can't accept that President Clinton was elected -- twice! Kenneth Starr's tactics reek of McCarthy-style harassment and witch hunts -- two other national disgraces.

Message to Ken Starr: Get off President Clinton's back, and do something productive for a change. Your reputation has been ruined by Whitewater. I couldn't possibly have a lower opinion of your poor judgment and rotten tactics...

I'm going to vote a straight Democratic ticket in every election until this fiasco is ended. Congress, are you listening?

-- Kathy Bausch, Plano, Texas, Jan. 30

'Blown This Way Out Of Proportion'

I think this whole thing is ridiculous! Ken Starr has already spent nearly $30 million of our tax dollars on this. When will it end? Furthermore, the media has blown this way out of proportion. The press seems to have forgotten that in this country we presume innocence; that is you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Also, what has happened to the respect for the office of the presidency? Shouldn't we take the word of our commander-and-chief before some 24-year-old "sex-crazed liar" as her ex-boyfriend in Oregon has called her. Finally, something is wrong when anyone can merely make an "allegation" (truthful or not) and cause a national crisis and distract the president and his advisors from their duties. In the words of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, "All you've done is weaken a country."

-- Michael Wein, New York, N.Y., Jan. 29

'The Most Dangerous Threat'

Starr is the most dangerous threat to democracy in the United States since Senator Joseph McCarthy. His investigative methods and manipulation of the media are establishing precedents which will greatly curtail the freedom of the next generation of Americans.

-- James G. Treganza, Jan. 29

'A Reasonably Good Job'

Starr is doing a reasonably good job. Negative public perception is being created by political means that he is unable to respond to because he is limited to the legal forum.

-- Rob, Jan. 29

'An All-Time Low'

I think this country has come to an all-time low when the FBI is checking clothing for semen stains! I truly can't believe MY TAX MONEY is paying for this type of testing because of an "alleged" sexual encounter that was, more than likely, consensual!

How much more ridiculous is this investigation going to get before the federal judges take Starr off this case?!?!!?

-- Heather Hogan, Jan. 29

'The Issue Is Simple'

I can't believe that you people are starting to second-guess yourselves. This issue is simple. What would happen if a local high school principal was charged with having an affair or sexual relationship with a student teacher. The media would respond immediately and fully. The charges would be examined and the facts would be determined. If the charges were found to have merit, he would be fired. Immediately.

Do we hold our president to a standard equal to a high school principal?

This president has stated to the American people that nothing improper has occurred; let the facts speak as they become known. You are doing your job and you are doing it well. Don't get caught up in "the old razzle dazzle" and stay the course. The truth must be known and your charge, as established by our founding fathers, and protected by the Constitution, is to find it!

-- Ron Mercer, Jan. 29

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