Alexander's Plane Successfully Belly-Lands

RICHMOND, Va. (CNN, Jan. 21) -- A small private plane carrying former Republican presidential candidate Lamar Alexander made a successful belly-landing this afternoon at Richmond International Airport after its landing gear failed.

All four people on board the Beechcraft Baron were uninjured, according to airport deputy executive director spokesman Bob Brammer.

Alexander was on his way from Washington to Delaware to make a speech when the trouble developed and the pilot began circling around Richmond.

Along with Alexander on the plane was his top aide Bryan Kennedy, the pilot and another crew member.

The plane is a two-engine propeller-driven aircraft.

Alexander expressed relief and gratitude after the landing. "We were very lucky we had a cool, competent pilot," he said. "The plane is a mess, but we are in good shape."

The former Tennessee governor boarded another plane to continue his trip to Delaware.

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