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Glenn Will Return To Space

By John Holliman/CNN glenn

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics Jan. 15) -- Ohio Sen. John Glenn will return to space as a shuttle astronaut in October, senior administration officials said.

NASA administrator Daniel Goldin has made the decision to allow the 76-year-old Glenn, a former Mercury astronaut, to join a crew of the space shuttle Discovery scheduled to launch in October 1998 for a 10 day mission. An offical NASA announcement will be made Friday at noon ET.

The Ohio Democrat has wanted to return to space for years, and made his desire known to NASA officials over a year ago. He volunteered to be a research subject for experiments on the effects of weightlessness on old people. Glenn would become the oldest person to orbit earth if the flight is approved.

If Glenn returns to space, it would not be as a civilian. The former astronaut and Marine fighter pilot would fly as an astronaut, according to sources.

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