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World Wide Watergate

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, June 12) -- For a time, it looked like everyone involved in Watergate had written a book. Now, 25 years after the burglary, there is a slew of Web sites devoted to Watergate, Richard Nixon and some of the other characters involved in that slice of American history.

Here are some of them, starting with the good and descending to the goofy:

Nixon Presidential Project -- Home of the 4,000 hours of White House tapes, which were secretly recorded in the Oval Office and other locations

TIME: 1973 Man of the Year -- Judge John J. Sirica

Watergate -- An Australian political science professor's crisp and concise view of the scandal

Grolier Online -- The American Presidency: Watergate

The Newseum Web site -- A Watergate time line

The Newseum -- Watergate: Suggested Readings and Other Resources

Watergate Resource Guide -- Seton Hall's Peter W. Rodino Jr. Law Library

Illusion and Delusion: The Wategate Decade -- Striking black and white photographs

National Archives and Records Administration: Nixon and Watergate -- Some nice Watergate artifacts, including security guard Frank Wills' log entry about the break-in

George Magazine: All the President's Women -- The women of Watergate (December/January 1995)

Nixon's Funeral -- CNN Interactive's online coverage, including Bob Dole's comment: "May God bless Richard Nixon"

Nixon's Will -- 1994

Silent Coup -- A revisionist history of the break-in that lays the blame on John Dean; the authors' Web site includes links, reviews and a synopsis of the charges

The Nixon Links A nice collection of Nixonia, including bios of his friends and a section called "The Wild World of Spiro Agnew"

The Nixon Library & Birthplace -- On this respectful Web site, Nixon isn't a scoundrel who helped make people cynical about government; he's an "architect of peace."

Nixon's The One -- The Campaign Song That Made History -- Do you know song writer Vic Caesar? Do you know the song "Nixon's The One?" Do you care?

The Official G. Gordon Liddy Page -- One of the original conspirators is now a radio talk show host.

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