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What was Watergate?

Watergate Glossary

Who Was Deep Throat?

Watergate And Public Cynicism

Analysis: Nixon's Victory In Defeat

Watergate's Political Survivors

A Watergate Legacy:

Poll: Public Perceptions Of Watergate

Sights and Sounds: Hearings, Resignation, Farewell

Streaminvg Video:

Larry King Live - talks with Bob Woodward 2 part (39:27 min. VXtreme)

Burden Of Proof - Watergate Aniversary 3 part (18:09 min. VXtreme)

John Dean on Inside Politics (5:51 min. VXtreme)

'Toonist Bill Mitchell checks in on Richard Nixon (in a very hot place).

AllPolitics 'Toonist Bob Lang looks back at Watergate.

Transcripts: Nixon's resignation speech, Nixon's farewell speech, Ford's pardon speech, Dole's eulogy of Nixon

Voter's Voice: the Watergate legacy

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Deep Throat

Who Was Deep Throat?

There never has been a shortage of guesses about the identity of "Deep Throat," Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward's celebrated source during the newspaper's Watergate coverage. But everyone who has been fingered -- from presidential aide Al Haig to press assistant Diane Sawyer to presidential lawyer Leonard Garment -- has denied it, and it remains a mystery to this day.

TIME's Watergate Coverage


Look back at TIME's coverage of the scandal in words, pictures and cartoons from 38 issues of the magazine from July 1972 through August 1974.

Still Divided


Americans remain divided on the meaning of the Watergate scandal, according to a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll

The Sound And Fury

The nation watched and listened in rapt attention as Watergate unfolded on the tube. Revisit those sights and sounds, including Nixon's entire resignation and farewell speeches in VXtreme streaming video. And here are Quicktime highlights of the Watergate hearings: Haldeman, Dean, Baker, Hunt and McCord. And more.


The Legacy Of Watergate

Watergate exposed lies, crimes and corruption. The investigation established that no president is above the law. Now many say government is more honest, presidents more accountable. But the public believes government is corrupt, untrustworthy and ruled by money and personal ambition. Last November, only 49 percent even bothered to vote.

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