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Should Attorney General Janet Reno appoint an independent counsel?

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Should an independent counsel be appointed?
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The Democratic Fund-Raising Flap

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July 1, 1997 -- In a letter to President Clinton, Rep. Gerald Solomon suggests John Huang's attendance at top security briefings may have put CIA informants lives at risk. Solomon asks Clinton to provide names of administration officials with knowledge of Huang's briefings.

July 1, 1997 -- Former RNC chairman Haley Barbour's non-profit group, the National Policy Forum, refuses to provide information to the Senate Government Affairs committee.

July 2, 1997 -- In a setback to Chairman Burton, the chief counsel for the House investigation, John Rowley, quits, saying he does not have the authority to conduct a "professional, credible investigation." Rowley blames "the unrelenting 'self-promoting' actions of the committee's investigative coordinator," Dave Bossie. Leaving with Rowley are two top investigators.

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