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Should Attorney General Janet Reno appoint an independent counsel?

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Should an independent counsel be appointed?
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Partial List Of Subpoenas Issued By The House Government Reform Committee

This list was provided by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), the ranking member of the committee. In the list below, "Huang" refers to former Democratic National Committe fund-raiser John Huang; "Trie" refers to Arkansas businessman Charlie Trie; "Hubbell" refers to former Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell; "Middleton" refers to former White House staffer Mark Middleton;


Arnold, Truman
Berman, Michael
Bowles, Erskine
Cardozo, Michael
Chung, Johnny
Green, Ernest G.
Huang, John
Hubbell, Webster
Jordan, Vernon
Kanchanalak, Pauline (Huang records)
Kantor, Mikey (sic)
Lindsey, Bruce R. (Hubbell records)
Livingstone, D. Craig
McLarty, Thomas F.
Middleton, Mark
Phillips, John (Hubbell records)
Rapoport, Bernard (Hubbell records)
Scott, Marsha
Stephanopoulous, George
Thomases, Susan
Trie, Yah Lin "Charles"
Watson, Robert (Democratic National Committee)
Zhan, Keshi


AirTouch Cellular Telephone Co. (Huang records)
AllTel Mobile Telephone (Trie records)
American Express (Huang records)
American Income Life Insurance Co. (Hubbell)
American International Bank (Trie records)
American Personal Communications (Huang)
AT&T Communications (Lippo records)
Ban Chang International
Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union
Bank of Trade Securities Corp. (Huang documents)
Bell Atlantic - DC (Hubbell records)
Bell Atlantic - Maryland (Huang records)
Bell Atlantic - NYNEX (Lippo documents)
Bell Atlantic - Virginia
BEM Ventures (Huang records)
Calbot Holdings (Trie documents)
California Cho Hung Bank of LA (
Cellular One (Trie documents)
Century Cellunet (Middleton documents)
Century Telephone Co. (Middleton documents)
Chevy Chase Bank (Wang documents)
Citibank (Gandhi documents)
Citibank - South Dakota (Trie documents)
Clinton/Gore '96 Campaign
Clinton Birthplace Foundation
CommerceCorp International (Huang documents)
Consumer Support and Education Fund (Hubbell)
Daihatsu International (Trie records)
Democratic National Committee
Department of Defense
Department of the Interior
Department of Justice
Department of State
Executive Office of the President
Federal Election Commission
First Commercial Bank (Trie records)
First Union National Bank of Virginia - McLean
First Union Nat'l Bank of Virginia
First Virginia Bank
GNB Acquisition Corp. (Huang records)
GTE (Trie records)
GTE Telephone (Huang records)
Guam, Office of the Governor (DNC records)
G. William Miller & Co. (Hubbell documents)
Hanmi Bank (Cheong AM records)
Harper Collins Publishers (Hubbell records)
The Hay-Adams Hotel (Riadys records)
Hip Hing Holdings (Huang Records)
LA Cellular Telephone (Huang records)
Lippo America, Inc.
Lippo Asia (UA), Inc. (Huang records)
Lippo Bank
Lippo Finance
Lippo Holding America
Lippo Motors Hollywood, Inc
MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings (Hubbell records)
MCI Communications Company, Inc. (Chung)
Mid-American Dairymen, Inc. (Hubbell records)
National Capital Bank of Washington (Wang)
Pacific Bell Telephone Company (Lippo)
Pacific Telesis (Hubbell records)
Riggs National Bank of Washington (Trie records)
San Jose Holdings, Inc. (Huang documents)
San Jose Investments (Lippo documents)
San Kin Yip Int'l Trading Co. (Trie records)
Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems (Trie records)
Sprint Communications Company
Sprint (Hubbell records)
Sun America, Inc. (Hubbell records)
Toy Center Holdings of California (Huang records)
Time-Warner (Hubbell records)
Total Petroleum (Hubbell records)
Truman Arnold Companies
US Mission to the United Nations
US-Thai Business Council
The White House
Watergate South Cooperative (Trie records)
Yoshua Company, NV (Huang records)

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