FBI Files Fiasco

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Who's Who In FBI Files Fiasco

  • Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.): Ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden pursued possible bungling by the Secret Service, which may have provided the outdated list Marceca and Wetzl worked from.

  • Rep. William Clinger (R-Penn.): Chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, he wondered why the White House would have entrusted such a sensitive security post to Livingstone.

  • Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah): Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Hatch said Marceca's refusal to testify before his committee, two days after appearing before House members, signified the investigation was getting somewhere.

  • Former associate White House counsel William Kennedy: Livingstone's supervisor, Kennedy offered a contrite apology to those people whose files had wrongfully been obtained. He had trouble remembering who hired Livingstone, but eventually shouldered the responsibility himself.

  • Former White House personnel office head Craig Livingstone: Before resigning June 26, he headed the office responsible for requesting over 700 FBI background files, mainly of Republicans, who no longer worked at the White House.

  • Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.): This California Democrat issued perhaps the strongest rebuke to Livingstone of any committee member -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- telling Livingstone that a Navy admiral with a far more distinguished record had committed suicide for disgracing his office. Lantos later apologized for the remark.

  • Army civilian aide Anthony Marceca Marceca requested the files from the FBI, and claimed afterwards he didn't know the list was out of date.

  • Former White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum: He had jurisdiction over the security office. Appearing before House investigators, Nussbaum delivered a spirited apology as well as a rebuke to Clinger for suggesting he had acted in bad faith and perhaps broken the law.

  • Clinton aide Lisa Wetzl: No longer at the White House, Wetzl was Marceca's successor and said she recognized former Bush press secretary Marlin Fitzwater as a name that probably shouldn't have been on the list.
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