Shell Game

Step Right Up!

Has 'Toonist Bill Mitchell got a deal for you. Step right up to his Shockwave game and see if you can find way to get campaign finance reform through Congress. Good luck, sucker.

Quid Pro Joe

Joltin' java. How much money can you help Bill Clinton raise pouring coffee? Play this nifty Shockwave game.




We've got the best stable of cartoonists on the Web: Lang, Luckovich, Brodner, Mitchell and Weyant. Have a look as they poke and prod just about every political sacred cow.


We asked you what you thought would trip President Bill Clinton up during his second term, and you were right. Take a glance back at the pitfalls he faces.



Take The Quiz

Test your political acumen on the (almost) daily quiz.

Contest Quiz

Play it every day and win BIG prizes, from CD-ROMs to TIME magazine subscriptions to mousepads and T-shirts.

Reinventing America

You helped to reshape American government online; check out the results.

Reinventing America

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