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Justice To Expand Inquiry To Clinton's Legal Fund

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Dec. 19) -- The Justice Department today expanded its investigation of Democratic Party fund-raising practices to include the activities of President Bill Clinton's legal defense fund.

The department's Public Integrity Section task force investigating campaign financing has issued a subpoena to the Presidential Legal Expense Trust, asking it to provide details surrounding $460,000 in questionable donations the fund returned. The funds were collected by longtime Clinton associate Charles Ya Lin Trie. In a statement, the trust said it intends to comply promptly.

Attorney General Janet Reno today held out the possibility she might appoint an independent counsel to look into the matter. "What we have said all along is that, as we proceed with this investigation, we will always look for additional evidence that would trigger the use of the independent counsel statute," Reno said. "And if that evidence is there, we will do so."

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