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FBI Files: Thurgood Marshall Passed Info To Agency

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WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Dec. 2) -- Thurgood Marshall, the late Supreme Court justice and civil rights leader, passed information to the FBI about the civil rights movement during the 1950s, according to FBI files obtained by USA Today.

Although Marshall was critical of the FBI, he provided information about a dissident NAACP leader in North Carolina and about other civil rights leaders who advocated violence, according to a June 4, 1959 memo. He also passed along information about alleged attempts by communists to infiltrate the NAACP.

The information was contained in memoranda found in Marshall's 1,300-page FBI file. He died at age 84 in 1993, and the bureau took three years to review it before releasing the data under the Freedom of Information Act.

Marshall's son, Thurgood Marshall Jr., told USA Today that it was "an ironic twist" that the FBI documents indicate a cooperative relationship between his father and the agency, given Thurgood Marshall's earlier animosity toward the FBI.

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