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Clintons To Celebrate New Year In Hilton Head (12/30/97)

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Clinton Retreats With Golf, Seminars And Dog Walking


HILTON HEAD, S.C. (AllPolitics, Dec. 31) -- Hours before he rings in the new year with his family, President Bill Clinton Wednesday managed to fit in seminars, dog walking and a round of golf at this year's annual Renaissance Weekend on Hilton Head island.

The president, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and daughter Chelsea are expected to attend a New Year's Eve party tonight with other Renaissance guests. This is the 14th year the Clintons have attended this event, which has grown over the years to now include some 470 families.

When asked by reporters if he had made any resolutions for the upcoming year, the president answered, "I'm working on them -- tomorrow."

Clinton began the day with an early walk on the beach with his new pup, Buddy. The first dog has been tooling around the island sporting a red leash that is imprinted with the fitting slogan, "I'm the one in charge."

Next, it was onto several seminars organized for the gathering. The high-brow Renaissance Weekend is intended to bring together the country's elite members of the business, literary, scientific and economic communities for the exchange of ideas.

Clinton has attended three sessions so far: Spiritual Life in a Secular Society; a multi-ethnicity workshop led by author Amy Tan; and International Forum-the Global Beat.

At today's multi-ethnicity conference, Tan categorized the president's remarks as impressive. Clinton said there were three principles which must be followed in discussing the aspects of race: people's entitlement to safety; decent schools; and work.

Tan said there were people of varying viewpoints at the workshop and that Clinton was confronted with varying viewpoints.

The president also brought up California's Proposition 209, which limits affirmative action and has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, and how difficult that was to deal with.

Another workshop participant, Deborah Tannen, who has done extensive research in the field, says it was "a very dramatic statement that the president chose to attend this session." She doubts any other president would have done that.

After these intellectual bull-sessions, Clinton took to the links, playing a round of golf with four friends; Dr. Dean Ornish, Ned Powell, Dennis Bawke and Tom Schneider. It was the president's second golf outing of the vacation since arriving Tuesday.

On New Year's day the first family, including Buddy, will leave Hilton Head for St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands where they will stay for four days.

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Wednesday Dec. 31, 1997

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