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Clinton Stands By Aide Ira Magaziner

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Dec. 29) -- President Bill Clinton says his aide Ira Magaziner will remain a member of the administration and has done nothing wrong.

In a statement issued late Monday by the White House, the president says he's "quite confident Mr. Magaziner acted appropriately." Magaziner was recently fined by a federal judge who accused Magaziner of lying about how the administration handled its health care task force in 1993-94.


Judge Royce Lamberth sanctioned Magaziner for $285,864 to settle a claim for legal fees by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. They ran up the fees in connection with litigation over the Health Care Task Force.

In a statement released Monday, the president cited a 1995 investigation by then-U.S. Attorney Eric Holder of the matter which cleared Magaziner of any wrongdoing. Holder is now Deputy Attorney General.

Rep. Bill Archer (R-Texas) has called for Clinton to fire Magaziner. Archer's spokesman Ari Fleisher said, "Where does the buck stop in this administration?" He asked if criminal activity were needed before the president dismisses aides. Fleisher said the White House response struck them as flimsy.

In a letter to Archer, Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta said that Magaziner acted "upon the advice and guidance of government lawyers," and called Magaziner a "hardworking and dedicated public servant."

Podesta affirmed that Magaziner will remain a "valued member of this administration."

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