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Sources: Clinton Ready To Broaden Economic Ties To Vietnam

By John King/CNN

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Dec. 18) -- President Bill Clinton is poised to open the way for broader economic ties with Vietnam, White House sources tell CNN.

Sources say top advisors are recommending that the president grant Vietnam a waiver that would allow U.S. companies operating in Vietnam to take advantage of government programs designed to assist overseas investment.

The waiver is necessary because of the so-called Jackson-Vanik law regulating, and limiting, U.S. economic ties to communist nations that do not allow free emigration.

A recommendation memo to the president makes the case that Vietnam's emigration policies have improved significantly and qualify for a Jackson-Vanik waiver, sources said. One source said Clinton has spoken favorably about the recommendation -- vigorously backed by U.S. corporate interests -- and was expected to approved the waiver in the near future.

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Sources: Clinton Ready To Broaden Economic Ties To Vietnam

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