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Paula Jones Must Turn Over More Documents

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AllPolitics, Dec. 5) -- A federal judge has ordered Paula Jones to turn over an additional 103 pages of documents concerning her legal fund that was set up to help pay for her lawsuit against President Bill Clinton.

Judge Susan Webber Wright ruled that all documents pertaining to fund-raising, public relations strategy and tax returns must be turned over to Clinton's defense team by 1 p.m. CT Monday.

Anything involving trial strategy or settlement negotiations does not have to be disclosed, Webber Wright said.

Last month, Webber Wright had given Clinton's lawyers access to fund information concerning the number of contributors, amounts of money raised and communications with donors on the fund's operations.

Webber Wright did issue a protective order, though, on the names of the contributors, ruling that disclosure might discourage future donors.

Jones' lawyers had argued that the documents were covered by the attorney-client privilege and therefore should not be turned over to Clinton's team.

Cindy Hays, the former head of the Paula Jones Legal Fund, is scheduled to give a deposition in the case next Tuesday.

In Jones' $700,000 suit she alleges then-Gov. Clinton exposed himself and asked her for sex in a Little Rock hotel room in May 1991. Clinton denies the charges.

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