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Starr Investigates Clinton's Lawyers For Obstruction

By Bob Franken/CNN


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Nov. 19) -- Whitewater partners Bill Clinton and Jim McDougal have long since gone their separate ways. Clinton is in the White House; McDougal is serving three years in the federal correctional institute at Fort Worth.

"There is nothing honorable about my old friend [Clinton]. My old friend has consistently abandoned everybody who has ever helped him for any protracted length of time," McDougal recently told CNN.

According to sources close to the investigation, independent counsel Kenneth Starr is looking into several of the president's lawyers and advisers, trying to determine if there was obstruction of justice.


McDougal alleges that Clinton's team influenced the way his lawyer defended him. "They were paying my attorney, Sam Heuer, so they tell me, to misdirect my defense," he said.

Starr's also looking at Susan McDougal's lawyer, Bobbie McDaniel, who advised Mrs. McDougal not to answer questions about the president before a Little Rock grand jury. Mrs. McDougal is still in prison for contempt as a result.

At issue are frequent professional contacts between McDaniel and Heuer with the president's attorney, David Kendall.

Starr is also taking a similar look at top White House aide Bruce Lindsey, a longtime Little Rock friend of the president, as well as Jim Blair, an attorney for Tyson's chicken in Arkansas, who is another old friend of the Clintons and who once advised Mrs. Clinton on a commodities investment that made a quick $100,000 profit.


No comment from Kendall, Heuer or McDaniel, but Blair told CNN, "The obstruction accusation is totally untrue, totally distorted and totally false."

McDougal has admitted to lying to authorities in the past and is considered by many to be an unreliable witness. Starr's office has refused any comment and there is no indication that the investigation has any evidence yet of obstruction of justice.

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Wednesday Nov. 19, 1997

Starr Investigates Clinton's Lawyers For Obstruction
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