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Loved and Hated

In Washington, interest groups come in partisan flavors. Labor unions tend to have Democratic tastes. Many, but not all, business groups cotton to Republicans. What's more, groups that are sweet to one camp often are sour to the other. Here are the most extreme cases on both sides from the FORTUNE poll:
Loved by Democrats,
Hated by Republicans
Ranking by: D R
Service Employees
International Union
24 101
Union of Needletrades,
Industrial, and Textile Employees
60 115
Intl. Association of
Machinists and Aerospace Workers
30 100
Natl. Association of
Letter Carriers
21 83
Hotel Employees and
Restaurant Employees
International Union
53 110
American Federation of
State, County,
and Municipal Employees
6 38
Handgun Control Inc 39 96
American Federation of
18 65
Communications Workers of
33 84
Children's Defense Fund 23 70

Loved by Republicans,
Hated by Democrats
Ranking by: R D
Americans for Tax Reform 30 115
National Association of
28 107
Citizens for a
Sound Economy
33 109
National Automobile
Dealers Association
21 74
National Federation of
Independent Business
2 7
Christian Coalition 4 12
Associated General
Contractors of America
35 89
American Farm Bureau
10 38
National Beer Wholesalers
22 65
National Retail Federation 18 54

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