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E-mail From Washington

From: John King/CNN
In: Washington
Posted 10-24-97

Subject: Congressional deal-makers say no to education testing

Congressional sources tell CNN that a deal was struck Friday that would provide no money for President Bill Clinton's education standards and testing proposal -- despite the promise of a presidential veto.

GOP leadership aides and House and Senate conferees on the educational appropriations bill -- including some Democrats -- reached the agreement early Friday afternoon, according to several sources.

They are not scheduled to vote on the deal until early next week, however. The deal would prohibit the Education Department from further developing Clinton's plans to develop national tests for reading and math to be administered to 4th and 8th graders.

Earlier Friday, Clinton used an education event to reiterate his threat to veto any legislation that does not include his testing and standards program.

White House aides have predicted Republicans ultimately would be pressured into accepting Clinton's approach -- because of his high job performance ratings and because he scores higher than Republicans when voters are asked who they more trust to deal with education.

But Republicans have become more emboldened on the issue of late -- citing evidence that voters tend to agree with their argument that testing and standards are issues best left to local school boards and parents.

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