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E-mail From Washington

From: CNN
In: Washington
Posted 10-23-97

Subject: Dole Offers To Testify Before Thompson Committee


Former presidential candidate and senator Bob Dole has offered to testify as part of the ongoing hearings into campaign finance funding in the 1996 election cycle.

A copy of Dole's letter was obtained by CNN.

Addressing the chairman, Tennessee Republican Fred Thompson, and the ranking Democrat, John Glenn of Ohio, as "Fred and John," Dole wrote that there have been some statements recently casting doubt on his integrity.

"While I do not believe that I, personally, participated in any questionable activity or personally violated any existing law, I am prepared to voluntarily come before your committee and submit to questions, under oath, that any member of your committee may have," Dole wrote.

Dole said he hoped his offer would "encourage President Clinton ... to do the same," and added even if the president declines, he is prepared to work out ground rules for a solo appearance.

Republican sources say the panel intends to take Dole up on his offer and will also invite Clinton to testify sometime "before we wrap up."

Aides to the president say he is not taking up Dole's challenge.

An administration official said, "Sen. Dole can determine for himself if he needs to testify before the committee. The White House has cooperated fully and will continue to comply with any requests for information from congressional committees, including producing over 115,000 documents."

As for having Clinton testify before the committee, the official said, "I am not aware of any pending requests for the president from the Senate committee."

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