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Sources: Hillary Urged President to Settle Jones Case

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Oct. 11) -- First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton urged the president to settle the Paula Jones sexual harassment case, even though she believes her husband did nothing wrong, sources close to the administration told CNN Saturday.

The first lady made the suggestion a couple of months ago when settlement discussions were under way, saying a trial during her husband's administration could prove embarrassing and politically damaging, the sources said.

But President Bill Clinton decided to seek full exoneration of Jones' allegations in court, they added.

Jones, a former Arkansas state employee, alleges that then-governor Clinton made crude sexual advances toward her during a May 1991 encounter in an Arkansas hotel. The president denies the allegations and says he cannot remember meeting Jones.

U.S. News and World Report first reported this week that Mrs. Clinton had urged the settlement.

Jones recently rejected a reported settlement offer of $700,000 and a statement from Clinton attesting to her character. She has said in the past she would only accept an admission of guilt by Clinton and an apology.

Her former lawyers, Gil Davis and Joseph Cammarata, had urged her to accept the settlement offer and resigned from the case when she refused. The attorneys also have filed an $800,000 lien on any settlement or judgment she might eventually get.

Jones is now represented by the Dallas law firm of Rader, Campbell, Fisher and Pyke.

CNN White House Correspondent John King contributed to this report.

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