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Clinton Gets A Hearing Aid, Loses A Cyst

Suit Against Starr Dismissed

Clinton Selections Nominee For OPM Director

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Clinton Gets A Hearing Aid, Loses A Cyst

BETHESDA, Md. (AllPolitics, Oct. 3) -- President Bill Clinton was fitted for a hearing aid to help him hear better in crowded rooms and had a small cyst removed from his chest Friday during his annual medical exam. Doctors at Bethesda Naval Hospital spent six hours poking, prodding and testing 51-year-old president in his yearly checkup. A hearing test detected some high-frequency hearing loss, doctors said. White House spokesman Mike McCurry said Clinton has trouble hearing in a crowded room. The hearing loss was noticed a year ago but had worsened since then. Clinton was fitted Friday morning for an "in-canal" hearing aid which should help him, McCurry said. Clinton would wear the small, undetectable hearing aids in each ear only on certain occasions, such as in crowds, his doctor said.

A sebaceous cyst, believed to be benign, was removed from his left chest Friday. The growth was similar to the cyst doctors removed from Clinton's nose a year ago. It will be tested at a lab, but his doctor said he would be very surprised if it were malignant. The president weighed in 20 pounds lighter Friday than a year before. The six-foot, two-inch tall Clinton weighs 196 pounds, compared to 216 pounds last year. He credits a diet and exercise regimen for the weight loss. The president's cholesterol level was down from a level of 191 a year ago to 179 now, doctors said. The president's right knee, damaged in a fall last March, has fully recovered, the exam showed.

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Suit Against Starr Dismissed

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AllPolitics, Oct. 3) -- U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright dismissed a lawsuit against Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr that accused the independent counsel of improprieties and conflicts of interest. The suit was filed by Francis Mandanici, of Connecticut. Wright ruled that the case was without merit, saying, "No one who has objectively considered the matter seriously disputes that Mr. Mandanici is on a personal crusade to discredit the independent counsel." Mandanici had no comment.

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Clinton Selects Nominee For OPM Director

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Oct. 3) -- President Bill Clinton has announced his intention to nominate Janice Lachance to serve as the director of the Office of Personnel Management. Lachance has been serving as OPM's deputy director since August of 1997. She has worked for OPM since 1993. Prior to that Lachance was employed by the American Federation of Government Employees as the Director of Communications and by the AFL-CIO where she directed political, media, and public affairs. The Office of Personnel Management provides various personnel services to federal agencies.

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News Briefs:
Clinton Gets A Hearing Aid, Loses A Cyst
Suit Against Starr Dismissed
Clinton Selections Nominee For OPM Director

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