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Starr Assembles New Whitewater Grand Jury


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Sep. 25) -- A new Whitewater grand jury got to work in Washington today, even as the investigation in Little Rock, Ark., reportedly has taken a new turn.

The Associated Press reports Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr has subpoenaed records of President Bill Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and top White House aides. According to the AP, lawyers familiar with the case say Starr is looking into possible contacts with witnesses in his investigation.

The exact nature of those contacts, or who may have talked to whom, are not clear.

Starr has laid low in recent months after the Supreme Court ruled he could have access to Whitewater notes taken in a meeting with the first lady by White House lawyers.

In addition to the new Washington-based federal grand jury, Starr has a Little Rock-based grand jury -- whose term extends to Nov. 7 -- working on the Whitewater case.

A previous Whitewater grand jury working in Washington, before which Hillary Clinton testified in January 1996, was dismissed last May when its two-year term expired.

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Thursday Sept. 25, 1997

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