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E-mail From Washington

From: Gary Tuchman/CNN
In: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Posted 9-23-97

Subject: Carey says Hoffa contributions should be investigated

Embattled Teamsters leader Ron Carey said Tuesday investigators should take a close look at James Hoffa Jr., his principal opponent for leadership of the union.

Carey, stung by charges that money was illegally laundered into his campaign, told reporters at the AFL-CIO convention in Pittsburgh this morning that "Hoffa ought to explain how he got close to $2 million in cake sales or bingo or whatever."

Carey says Hoffa was not required to explain where $1.8 million in contributions came from. He thinks it's improbably they were all small donations. Carey says he's not accusing Hoffa of illegal activity but said he is suspicious because, "[you] have to take a look at the folks that surround him, what he stands for, and what he's about."

Carey, who has said he knew nothing about the illegal activity under him, claims his comments about Hoffa are not sour grapes or vindictive.

A spokesman for Hoffa, Richard Leebove, told CNN, "We won't dignify what Carey said by having Jim [Hoffa] respond."

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