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E-mail From Washington

From: Bob Franken/CNN
In: Washington
Posted 9-18-97

Subject: Justice Won't Object To Immunity Request

The Justice Department has written Rep. Dan Burton and Rep. Henry Waxman informing them the department "does not object" to immunity for the three witnesses whose surprise demand for immunity stymied plans to open the House campaign finance hearings this week.

Burton and Waxman will now have to decide when their committee, House Government Reform and Oversight, can meet and vote on whether to grant the three immunity. That requires a two-thirds vote, which means Democrats must cooperate. Burton is the chairman and Waxman, the ranking Democrat.

If the committee does vote for immunity, the next step is to seek an order to that effect from the federal courts.

The three witnesses are Manlin Fuong, sister of Charlie Trie, a central figure in the fund-raising controversy; David Wang, a friend of Trie's, and Joseph Landon, a California contributor to the Democratic National Committee.

The three are expected to be questioned about admissions they were "conduits" for money from Trie and John Huang, another key Democratic fund-raiser.

There will not be a committee meeting on Friday.

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