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Chelsea Clinton Packs For School (9/17/97)

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First Lady Asks Press To Respect Daughter's Privacy

Accompanied by her parents, Chelsea Clinton heads to college today

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Sep. 18) -- As Chelsea Clinton headed off to Stanford University today, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton pleaded with reporters today in her weekly newspaper column to respect her daughter's privacy.

In her Creators Syndicate-distributed column, which appeared in newspapers around the country, the first lady praised reporters' conduct to date. She wrote that since the Clintons moved to Washington in 1993, the media has generally "avoided any hint of stalking her. ... And that's how I hope it will be for Chelsea as she embarks on her college years."

Mrs. Clinton drew a comparison between Chelsea and the late Princess Diana's sons. "Neither my daughter nor the young princes chose their parents' circumstances. Like all young people, they are entitled to space and privacy [and] ... should be left alone to mature as sanely as possible."

The first family was scheduled to fly to Mountain View, Calif., just south of Stanford, aboard Air Force One. They're expected to arrive on campus by motorcade tonight.

White House aides described the Clinton family as wistful and frenetic.

"It's the usual last-minute chaos," said Neel Lattimore, the first lady's spokesman. "We haven't pried. ... No report," spokesman Mike McCurry told reporters.

After arriving at Stanford, the family plans to attend a full roster of orientation events Friday, including a convocation and a luncheon outside. Classes start next Wednesday, and arriving students today were already getting ready, while scores of reporters and photographers descended on the campus.

"I think it's great that she's coming here," said sophomore Jan Chong. "We're going to try to make her feel as normal as possible," said another student, Elizabeth Weisberg.

Chelsea's parents won't linger longer than a day, with the president planning to attend three fund-raising events on Saturday in the San Francisco Bay area, and deliver a speech on education in San Carlos.

Tailed by Secret Service agents, can the first daughter have a normal college life? The Clintons can only hope.

Concluding her column, the first lady recalled her own college days -- "the dates that didn't work out ... a tender moment with a handsome new boyfriend. I can't imagine having any of those private experiences, all part of finding myself, being interrupted by the bright lights of cameras."

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