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Congress To Dedicate Saturday To Diana

Vice president stops by British embassy to express condolences


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Sep. 4) -- Adding its voice to the worldwide outpouring of grief over the death of Princess Diana, the Senate unanimously designated Saturday as a "National Day of Recognition," with the House expected to follow suit quickly.

Early this morning, Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, stopped by the British Embassy in Washington to sign a book expressing condolences. Diana, 36, died early Sunday morning in car accident in Paris. Her driver, also killed in the crash, was drunk, and photographers were pursuing the car.

Late Wednesday, senators passed by unanimous voice vote a measure designating Saturday as "National Day of Recognition for the humanitarian efforts of Diana, Princess of Wales." Before voting, senators praised the princess for her efforts on behalf of children, AIDS victims, and her campaign to reduce the spread of land mines.

"She was informed and articulate and committed to these causes," said Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch. "But many people can make speeches and many people can throw gala benefits. What set Diana apart from others working for these same causes was the gentleness of spirit. hatch

"To break the back of intolerance and help dispel unfounded notions about AIDS, Diana broke tradition to hold AIDS babies in her arms and to offer her hands to AIDS patients," Hatch said. (352K wav sound)

Lawmakers had originally intended to make Saturday, when Diana will be buried in London, as a day of national mourning, but then learned only the president can make such a designation. House Speaker Newt Gingrich indicated the House would vote soon on the Senate's resolution.

"I think every member of the House joins literally millions of people across the planet in grief for the princess, for her family, for the others who were killed in the accident and their families and for the unnecessary tragedy that ended her life," Gingrich said.

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Congress To Dedicate Saturday To Diana

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