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Gov. Symington Jury Still Mulling His Fate

Jury is in its 17th day of deliberations on fraud charges


PHOENIX (AllPolitics, Sep. 2) -- A jury weighing felony bank fraud charges against Arizona Gov. Fife Symington began its 17th day of deliberations today, with no sign jurors are any closer to a verdict.

Most of the 21 fraud charges date to Symington's days as a Phoenix real-estate developer and what prosecutors allege was a systematic pattern of overstating income and understating debts. But if convicted, the two-term Republican governor would have to leave office and would be replaced by Secretary of State Jane Hull.

Last week, U.S. District Judge Roger Strand rejected a defense motion for a mistrial. Symington's attorney, John Dowd, argued the judge erred last month in dismissing a 74-year-old juror who other jurors said was unfocused, forgetful and sometimes combative. Dowd argued that other jurors wanted her off because she was possibly the lone holdout for acquittal.

Since then, the new panel has deliberated a total of nine days, weighing 1,400 pieces of evidence. Symington also is accused of attempted extortion and perjury.

This is the second time in less than a decade that an Arizona governor has been accused of official misconduct. The other, Evan Mecham, was impeached, but eventually not found guilty of any wrongdoing.

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Tuesday Sept. 2, 1997

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Gov. Symington Jury Still Mulling His Fate
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