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Gore's White House Fund-Raising Calls: The Documents

The documents that Vice President Al Gore's office turned over to the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee include call sheets for:

Nate Landow, a Maryland developer and long-time Gore supporter. The call's result? A note from Gore on the sheet says, "You'll have it on hand in One Hour," a promise Landow apparently lived up to -- the thank-you note Gore sent him remarks that "One Hour is a record!"

Meat company owner Jim Hormel, who "is very happy about the Administration's support for gay and lesbian anti-discrimination in the work place policy."

Triarc Companies President Peter May, who, according to a handwritten note on the bottom, "was mad he didn't get an invite to the re-elect Dec. 15 event."

Houston lawyer John O'Quinn, one of FORTUNE magazine's "Lawyers From Hell," says the sheet.

Kansas City attorneys Anita or Gary Robb, who, say the sheet, "just settled two of the largest cases ever settled in Missouri, both for over $400 million."

Baltimore attorney (and Orioles owner) Peter Angelos, whose lobbyist, according to the sheet, says Angelos "will contribute $50,000 if asked."

Jack Joyce, president of the bricklayers' union, who "expressed disappointment with the President's veto of the ban on partial-birth abortions."

Novelist Rex Stephenson, who "made millions" when his bank was sold.

In Other News:

Thursday Aug. 28, 1997

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Gore's Fund-Raising Calls: The Documents

E-mail From Washington:
White House Resists Turning Over Espy Documents

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