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Internet Gossip Columnist Steps In It

Will latest mistake derail Matt Drudge?

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WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Aug. 14) -- Where politics, show business and the Internet intersect, that's where you'll find Matt Drudge.


In the tradition of the rambunctious penny press, the 30-year-old gossip columnist publishes the Drudge Report, a Web site that mixes political and entertainment industry gossip with links to online news and opinion.

Lots of people publish on a shoestring on the Web, but Drudge has managed to break through. He gets noticed by the Net audience and the mainstream media alike.

Now, though, thanks to an admittedly false report about presidential advisor Sidney Blumenthal, Drudge faces a lawsuit and embarrassing questions about whether he checks what sources tell him.

The Net's answer to Walter Winchell has made mistakes before, like when he predicted Hillary Clinton would be indicted before the end of 1996.

But Drudge's Aug. 10 report that Blumenthal "has a spousal abuse past that has been effectively covered up" was his most personal attack on anyone yet.

Continued: Instant news, instant retraction

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