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By George, JFK Jr. Bares A Lot

A story of men behaving badly


NEW YORK (AllPolitics, Aug. 11) -- John F. Kennedy Jr., one of the nation's most eligible bachelors until his 1996 marriage, poses nude in the September issue of George magazine and bares his face, chest and thoughts on recent Kennedy family scandals.

In a signed piece in the publication that he founded and edits, "John-John" expounds on the trials and tribulations of two of his cousins, Michael and Massachusetts Rep. Joe, saying they "became poster boys for bad behavior."

John Jr. says Michael Kennedy, who was accused of an affair with an underaged baby sitter, "was looking for a hedge against mortality."

Considering sex with a person under 16 is considered statuatory rape in Massachusetts, there is the legality of the situation to consider as well. The 39-year-old Michael "fell in love with youth and surrendered his judgment in the process," John Jr. writes.

Added to Michael's escapades, John Jr. says cousin Rep. Joe Kennedy's request from his ex-wife, Sheila Rausch, for an annulment of their marriage for purely political reasons indicate both men "chased an idealized alternative to their life."

About himself, JFK Jr., who is shown contemplating an apple dangling above his head in the revealing photo, writes, "I've learned a lot about temptation recently, but that doesn't make me desire any less." He doesn't elaborate.

Normally the Kennedy family hangs together, running interference in the face of scandals that have plagued its members for years. It's unheard of for someone to break ranks and offer public criticism.

JFK Jr. seems to have set his sights on the Kennedys of the '90s. He is mute in the article about his father's suspected fling with Marilyn Monroe or his grandfather Joseph Kennedy Sr.'s affair with actress Gloria Swanson.

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