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E-mail From Washington

From: John King/CNN
In: Washington
Posted Aug. 11, 1997

Subject: Former Dem. N.D. Gov. Hits Clinton Veto

President Bill Clinton's line-item veto of a tax benefit that covered the sale of a sugar beet processing plant drew criticism from former North Dakota Democratic Governor George Sinner who has represented the farmers involved in the purchase of the plant.

"I think it is terribly unfortunate, I am sick about it," Sinner said in a telephone interview with CNN. He said there was no major tax benefit in the provision for Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons -- who is involved in the joint venture.

Sinner said he spoke with the president on Monday morning but could not persuade him to change his mind. Sinner said he planned to come to Washington soon for a meeting with Clinton on the issue. "I think it is a bad error somebody made," Sinner said. He said Simmons has been unfairly criticized as a big Republican donor -- something he described as a White House "smokescreen" to generate political support for the line-item veto.

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