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E-mail From Washington

From: John King/CNN
In: Washington
Posted Aug. 11, 1997

Subject: Simmons Says He's Being Unfairly Singled Out

Texas businessman Harold Simmons says he is being unfairly -- and inaccurately -- criticized as receiving a special tax break that was canceled Monday when President Bill Clinton used his new line-item veto power.

Simmons says he has already received a tax benefit for the joint venture he is involved in with the Snake River Sugar Cooperative -- a Utah-based farm cooperative. The benefit in the balanced-budget law, Simmons asserts, would be for the 2,000 family farmers who participate in the co-op.

White House aides have noted Simmons' major contributions to the Republican Party in pointing to the tax benefit as an example of special-interest spending making its way into the budget deal. But Simmons said in a statement to CNN that he has "provided the White House with appropriate information, including the SEC filing on the previous transaction, that more than verifies my statements. It would indeed be unfortunate if the administration chooses to ignore the information it has in its possession and vetoes this legislation because of an alleged tax benefit to me that simply does not exist."

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