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Rep. Burton Gets Subpoena

Justice Department looking at alleged campaign funds shakedown

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, July 18) -- Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.) has been issued a subpoena by the Justice Department in its probe of whether he tried to "shake down" a lobbyist for $5,000 in campaign contributions.


Burton, who heads the House probe into campaign fund-raising abuses, charged that the subpoena was "a retaliatory move" because he has been pushing hard in his probe into improper fund-raising by the Democrats in 1996.

In March, Mark Siegel, a Democratic activist and former lobbyist for Pakistan's government, accused Burton of pressuring him to raise at least $5,000 from Pakistani Americans.

Siegel says Burton told him either to meet that goal, or Burton would cut off Siegel's access to influential Republican lawmakers. Burton denies making the threat, but has acknowledged asking Siegel to raise money for him.

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