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AllPolitics E-Wire -- June 9, 1997

A weekly briefing on U.S. politics:

This Week In Congress

President Clinton and the GOP leadership are maneuvering for the political high ground on disaster relief. With the veto ink still wet, the multi-billion dollar aid package was returned to Capitol Hill only a half-hour after landing on the president's desk Monday afternoon. Clinton objected to several unrelated amendments Republicans attached to the legislation. Among them: a provision aimed at preventing government shutdowns during budget fights. The president used his veto despite GOP efforts to mobilize public opinion via radio ads in the flood-damaged Dakotas and Minnesota. What's next? Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) has threatened to keep sending the same bill back to the White House, but spokesman Mike McCurry said Clinton will not yield to the political pressure.

The Price Of Pork

Despite the promises of the GOP revolution to transform politics, the time-honored practice of pork-barrel spending is alive and well in Washington. In an AllPolitics special report, see how congressional lawmakers are pushing pet spending projects as hard as ever. Also available: the top 10 state recipients of pork and some of the most outrageous examples of this specialized spending.

For more information, visit the special report at

Happy Anniversary, Watergate

June 17 will mark the 25th anniversary of the famed Watergate break-in. Starting Thursday, AllPolitics will provide a comprehensive retrospective of this American milestone.

Quote Of The Week

"Just as your pride and joy in this day must be tempered by the separation of Sidwell and the daily contact with the wonderful friends that you have made here, our pride and joy are tempered by our coming separation from you. So I ask you at the beginning to indulge your folks if we seem a little sad or we act a little weird. You see, today we are remembering your first day in school, and all the triumphs and travails between then and now." -- A slightly wistful President Bill Clinton, speaking to daughter Chelsea's graduating high school class

The Pulse Of Public Opinion

The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup polls shows that 58 percent of Americans agree with the Supreme Court's recent decision to allow Paula Jones' lawsuit against President Clinton to go forward without delay. And while Clinton's job approval rating remains high, a new CNN/TIME poll indicates personal controversies may mar his legacy.

For more information, check out our poll archive at


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