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Clinton's Lawyer Says He'll Fight Paula Jones Charges


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, June 1, 1997) -- President Clinton's lawyer said he'll go to court rather than apologize to Paula Jones.

Robert Bennett, speaking to three television networks Sunday, said Clinton categorically denies Jones' claim that he propositioned her in an Arkansas hotel room in 1991. The president will neither apologize to her nor admit to any misconduct, Bennett said.

Bennett said he's ready to play hardball in examining Jones' own sexual past.

"If Paula Jones insists on having her day in court and her trial, and she really wants to put her reputation at issue as we hear, we are prepared to do it," Bennett told NBC's "Meet the Press."

He said if Jones' lawyers try to bring up other alleged Clinton sexual affairs, he was prepared to look into Jones' past.

At the same time, Bennett said he is not averse to a settlement involving payment of Jones' legal fees and a donation to charity.

Jones' lawyers have insisted that any settlement with the president include an apology, an affirmation that Jones' account of her meeting with the then-governor of Arkansas in 1991 is truthful and a statement that she did nothing wrong in the hotel room.

"The president will not apologize for conduct which did not occur," Bennett told CNN's "Late Edition." "Further we will not enter into any kind of financial arrangement which folks like you would conclude was an admission of things which didn't occur."

Clinton's attorneys have tried to have the case thrown out or delayed on the ground that presidents should not have to face lawsuits while in office for actions outside their official duties.

The Supreme Court ruled last week that the Constitution does not shield a sitting president from such lawsuits.

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