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Clinton's Friend Jordan Helped Hubbell

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, May 22) -- Vernon Jordan, a close confidant of President Bill Clinton, helped Webster Hubbell land a high-paying job after Hubbell left his No. 3 post at the Justice Department, according to a USA Today report.


Hubbell received $63,000 between April and December 1994 from MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings, a company owned by billionaire financier Ronald Perelman. He was hired as an outside counsel following an introduction and recommendation by Jordan, USA Today reported today.

The newspaper quoted sources close to the firm who say that Perelman was not personally involved with the hiring of Hubbell and that no one at MacAndrews & Forbes was aware of Hubbell's legal problems.

Hubbell received more than $400,000 for work at 14 different companies after he resigned as associate attorney general and before he went to prison for defrauding his previous employer, the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, where he once was a partner of Hillary Rodham Clinton's.

Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr is investigating whether the income from these jobs was intended as "hush money," so Hubbell would not to divulge information about the Whitewater affair.

The employment records of MacAndrews & Forbes regarding Hubbell's tenure have been turned over to Starr's Little Rock, Ark., federal grand jury in response to a subpoena.

Other White House insiders, including former White House Chief of Staff Mack McLarty, have admitted aiding Hubbell in his job search following his Justice resignation.

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