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E-mail from Capitol Hill

From: Rebecca Cooper/CNN
In: Washington
Posted: April 14, 1997

Subject: White House Issues List Of Air Force One Guests

The White House released today a list of donors and fund-raisers who were allowed to fly on Air Force One and Two with President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. In 1995 and 1996, the Clinton Administration allowed 56 contributors who donated $5,000 and more and fund-raisers raising $25,000 or more for the DNC or the Clinton-Gore campaign to fly on the taxpayer-financed Air Force jets.

Among the contributors flying on Air Force One: New York businessman Maurice Templesman, labor leaders Lane Kirkland and John Sweeney, Washington lobbyist Tommy Boggs, and Washington lawyer Vernon Jordan. Numerous trips aboard Air Force One were taken by Clinton-Gore chief fund-raiser Terry McAuliffe and DNC fund-raisers Marvin Rosen, Laura Hartigan, Richard Sullivan and Scott Patrick.

None of the contributors or fund-raisers were asked to pay for the costs of their airfare on Air Force One and Two for official trips. For trips that were strictly political in nature, costs were paid either by the DNC or the individual. For trips that were part official and part political, the DNC or the individual were charged only for the share of the airfare deemed political.

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